Asian Woman Covering MouthReally? What should I fill it with?

Why wrong: In English there are thousands of expressions called phrasal verbs that use a particle (i.e. a preposition or adverb) after a verb.  Examples of particles are up, down, in, out, on and off. Concerning information, there are two often misused idioms:  fill in and fill out.  Fill in refers to blanks or fields in a database whereas fill out refers to entire documents.  The trick to remember that is that out is bigger than in, i.e. outside is much bigger than what room you are in right now.

CareerCorrect it:  ‘Please fill out the document”

Do you also know how to use fill up?  Would you just say fill for all of these?  To learn 1,000 English idioms, contact Roy and see your career take off!

“Please fill the document”
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“Please fill the document”