Hat and Coat (Small)Why wrong:  Gerunds, noun-verb hybrids ending in -ing are usually non-count or mass nouns.  They refer to activities, such as swimming, smoking or camping.  If you see a sign that says “No parking” it means that the activity is forbidden there. 

Mass nouns can’t be plural or take an indefinite article (a or an means one, which is a number). Sometimes, the same spelling can be used for a noun and a gerund (e.g.  an opening, a beginning or an ending). For more information, click here.Biz Group (Small)

Correct it: With gerunds, don’t use indefinite articles (a parking) or try to make them plural (parkings). If you mean only one spot, say “I couldn’t find a parking space.”  If you mean the entire area where many cars are parked, call it a parking lot.  They are spaces and lots.  Parking is what people do there.

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“I couldn’t find a parking anywhere.”
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“I couldn’t find a parking anywhere.”