Left Of NameWhat?  Actually, no it’s not!

Why wrong:  Dot it used only in Internet sites and e-mail, for example yourname@yourdomaine.com.  The ending is pronounced “dot com”.  Remember that the @ sign is pronounced “at”, not “arobas” or “commercial A”.

Period is punctuation which ends a sentence or an abbreviation.  It also means “point final” in an argument.

Point refers to decimals.  After a decimal, every number is read individually.  For example. “5.75” should be read “five point seven five” and not “five point seventy-five”. To be taken seriously,…Investment

Correct it:  Say “anglaide dot com.”

Why not invest in your vocabulary? Contact Roy to avoid making other common francophone mistakes in English.

Saying “Your website is anglaide point com.”
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Saying “Your website is anglaide point com.”