“He don’t know.”

FrownTranslation« Il ne savons pas. »

Why wrong:  The third person singular (he, she, it or their equivalents) in the Simple Present takes an s at the end of the verb, even auxiliary verbs It’s unfortunate, but many anglophones speak this way, especially in popular music. You cannot be taken seriously if you don’t use correct grammar.

Correct it: “He doesn’t know.”

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Saying “She dozen work very hard.”

DozenWhat? « Elle douzaine travailler très fort ? »

Why wrong: In French, most final consonants aren’t pronounced. This can create confusion if you do this in English. For more information, click here. To be taken seriously…Free Star

Correct it: The endings of words (especially d, s and t) must be pronounced or else something else may be understood. Say “She doesn‘t work very hard.”

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