“We have to do our planification for next year”

Time To Plan

Why wrong:  Even though evidently the verb to planify and the noun planification exist in some dictionaries, they are not common and sound wrong to most educated natives.  Instead we say to plan and planning.  To avoid strange looks…

SayWe have to do our planning forTime To Impress next year.”

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“What’s the right traduction?”

2013-07-27Why wrongThe word traduction  doesn’t exist. The word is translation, from the verb to translate.  It’s a common mistake since English and French share many words, but not all of them. If you want to be taken seriously...IMG_3043

Correct it:  “What’s the right translation?”

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“What is the right pronounciation?”

Not Again1Why wrong:  The word pronounciation doesn’t exist. The word is pronunciation.  It’s true that the verb is to pronounce, but the noun is different. To be taken seriously…

Correct it:  Ask, What is the right pronunciation?You Can Do It

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