“I need to get my hairs cut.”

Really? Which ones?  IMG_2907

Translation:  « J’ai besoin de me faire couper les poils. »

Why wrongHair  is a non-count noun for masses that are too big to be counted. Hairs, when counted, mean poils. For more information, click here.IMG_3043

Correct it:  If you mean chevelure, a mass, use hair, but if you mean individual strands you can count either that stand up on the head or that are elsewhere on the body, say hairs.

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Saying “Love Is In The Hair”

Translation:  « L’amour est dans les cheveux. »

Why wrong:  is a consonant in English.  While it is possible to love someone’s hair, the popular song didn’t talk about that.  For more information, see H.  Don’t feel too bad but to be taken seriously…H

Correct it:  Exhale to say h, like if you’re running.  If there’s no h, don’t exhale. Sing Love Is In The Air.

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