“I have a lot of job.”

Need JobWhy wrong: Job means emploi or un travail and most of us have many of them over our careers. If you mean things to do at your job, you mean work (du travail). Many Quebecers will say “J’ai de la job,” thinking that is English.  Sorry! To be taken seriously…Consultation

Correct it:  Say “I have a lot of work.”  For more information, click here.

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“I didn’t do my homeworks.”

2013-09-10Why wrong:  Homework, like information, is a non-count or mass noun. Mass nouns are used for masses like sand that are too big to count their individual parts.  That means that they can’t be plural or take an indefinite article (a or an means one, which is a number). In French, mass nouns are signified by du, de la or de l’.  For more information, click here.

Correct it: With mass nouns, don’t use indefinite articles (a homework) or try to make them plural 2014(homeworks). “I didn’t do my homework.”.

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